Producing teaser and clip + film mixing and film assembling

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The initiative in advertising teasers needs promotional vision.
With the backing of the experience of advertising teaser experts on the same level as the broadcast advertising teaser
We produce for your brand.

Types and Clips We Make:

- Real

- Animation

- Full Flash

The price of making promotional teasers varies according to the different conditions of each teaser and the type of real making and animation and full flash.
Some organizations and companies want to attend exhibitions or at the time of the presence of visitors and visitors in the organization
In-house monitoring and advertisements use their brand-specific videos, in which they display video and text ads in the movie.
Including we also make these kind of films.

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Film making and mixing and assembling of films (film editing)

By filming the filming team and the prominent video and audio software

We make your films.

We offer two types of compilation:

1: Conventional level: filming with a camera and usual editing

2. Excellent level: two camera shooting and animation

Two-dimensional and vector images

And we will be using more attractive software development tools

3. Superior Level: Filming with three cameras and using special flashing flashes + After Effects + Levels 1 and 2

Some of the projects that can be mentioned include:

- Record of the Filming Organization of Khorasan Razavi Province for display in internal monitoring

- Compilation of the video of Al Reza congress

- Film production of Concrete and Ghods Razavi Machine Co.

- Compilation of the report on the performance of the Islamic Coordinating Council

- Compilation of the film on Occidental Conferences

- Arj Broadband TV Clip (click here to view this clip).

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