Printing (Digital Label CD & Wright - Book Catalog - Business Card Laminate, Glass, PVC)

چاپ  دیجیتال سی دی

Printing (Digital Label CD & Wright - Book Catalog - Business Card Laminate, Glass, PVC)


Digital Label Printing and Duplicating CDs with Packaging

The reputable and famous brands of digital labels use

Copy the CD to Libel (sticked on the CD)

Be) prefer.

* Orders less than one thousand are not accepted.



Print book-book


With a history of working with the best print shops and providing your service print sample

With ease, you can print your books, catalogs and books

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business card

Other branding brands do not use common cards for branded branded products, but rather  

Modern webbing works, including laminate-pvc, usp, and three-dimensional.

Some brands use their warranty card as a laminate card.

And this is a sign of the quality and credibility of laminate cards



Printing a glossy laminate business card at a circulation of 1000 900,000 Rials

Printing of matte laminate business cards in circulation of 1,000,000,000,000 riyals

Printing PVC card in circulation of 1000 5000,000 Rials

USB Business Card Printing (2 GB Memory Card) Each 300,000 Rials

Printing a USB business card (4GB of memory), each of 350,000 Rials

Printing a PVC card for every 50,000 Rials (for warranty card use. Personnel identification card ...)

In all cases, the design card is made as Ashantiun.


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