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Over the past few years, American and European companies and factories have taken all these services into account with all the details, along with a complete archive of the films and photographs attached to their respective descriptions as a multimedia CD. Instead of heavy printing of catalogs or television advertising, they offer their only

CDs of catalogs (multimedia software) to their customers so they are safely and fully aware of the power and quality of the product or service offered. Buy or use it.

  Another use of CD catalogs in reputable and high-level educational institutions provides better education of their booklets and films in the form of CD catalogs.


1. The ability to design a catalog of CDs in multiple languages (Persian-English-Arabic -....)
2. Insert more than ten hours of the movie, including educational videos - reports - conferences - ceremonies.
3. Insert high volume texts that can be printed by the user.
4. In addition to inserting software texts, it can also have a native feature. The texts are read by the speaker.

5. Insert hundreds of photographs in the form of a photo album (three-dimensional and simple) in the style of sound and vision.
6. Paste in different parts of the program to access authorized users

7. Insert the entire catalog or bulletin of the organization and add the reports, photos and videos of each collection separately.
8. Enter the links to the websites including the website address of your brand that the user clicks on it to your site.
9. It is possible to load the entire site of your brand on the CD that the user does not need to connect to the Internet with your site.

10. Such software can also be used in addition to the advertising aspect.
This way, people who are the target of your promotion will find that your CD catalog will hold them for a long time. For example, in the catalog of cd, you can add the map of Iran-all-Koran-books-flash games


11. Having an autorun and no need for software to run.
12. In the above software, using special effects and animation is used to attract more.


Another feature of multimedia CDs is the creation of Ambassador Persia:


Producing multimedia software for introducing goods, services, and company products
Creating a special promotional CD catalog for manufacturers and manufacturers
Create Multimedia CDs (Multimedia)
Making a CD for various conferences and conferences
Electronic Card Making (Biz Card)
Design and production of electronic catalogs in the form of business card CDs.
Implementing e-books and educational CDs.
Consulting, design and implementation of multimedia projects in ...



Advantages of using this promotional method:

1. Strategy strategists in strategic strategies for branded brands, including increased reputation

Public identity) - Differentiate - distinguish between competing cd catalogs

Take advantage of the interest.

2. With regard to the cost of other advertising media and how to provide and influence advertising goals, special priority is given.

3. According to the rules of science and knowledge of propaganda, such as the principles and rules of the language of propaganda and psychology

CD catalog advertising is one of the most powerful tools for controlling consumer behavior.

4. Exposure (advertising exposure) - Appeal (advertising attentiveness) and persuasion

(Advertising persuasion) has a high percentage of audiences than other methods.

5. In the above software, due to the use of special effects and animation, the attractiveness of the ratio

There are other ways to advertise.

6. Governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) publish their publications and newsletters as a CD-ROM. They are called e-journals.

Other benefits of using the electronic catalog and multimedia CD:

With regard to multimedia, it has the best impact on visitors.
Multimedia CDs are more attractive than any booklet, brochure, or print catalog, plus a small amount.
Multimedia CDs are only designed and produced at a modest cost, while changing the print version involves numerous and costly stages and often redesigns the products.
The ease of copying and the desired number of duplicates is another feature of multimedia CDs. For example, for a printed catalog, you have to go to the company or the print shop to print the catalog again, and for CD-ROMs and electronic catalogs, you can copy them to your own computer with your personal computer.
CD Maltese Media is not as limited as a site and can easily describe all information and images in full.

What is a multimedia CD (Multimedia)?

From the technical point of view, the capabilities of MDMD have the following capabilities, which are based on the type of CD application (educational, advertising, organizational, informational and recreational, etc.)

The use of any category of equipment is a priority.

Full introduction of products and services and ...
No restrictions on the presentation of automated playback (autorun) content.
Show animation
Show the movie
Show pictures and galleries
Displaying text files and ebooks (ebook)
Possibilities for using web pages and content online and offline (new technology)
Playing music
Attach all file types in different formats such as PDF, Word and ...
Amkak Electronic Catalog Design

And in general, the wide range of features is unique audiovisual features that, according to the kind of application of the audience of the CD, the use of each set of features is prioritized.

Each item has its own control tools, including sound control and image size, resolution and transparency, and image size.

It should be noted that these features are known due to their comprehensiveness as the main feature of multimedia CDs and other features such as language change, installation and use of specific software and ... can be used in such a C Do not include.


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