Currently, more than 50 million people use mobile phones in the country; mobile phones that you can use to advertise their goods and services without any charge.

According to the latest research from one in three in Iran, one uses a smartphone. If you add the figures for tablet PCs and tablets, then you actually have a 20 million smartphone market that grows every day.

Mobile Catalog is a unique project for providing products, services and products for companies and stores in Iran.

The Mobile Catalog is actually a mobile app that can handle various information such as photos, videos, audio, text, graphics, and more.

But customers will not be the only point-of-sale of catalogs. Technology can even take your marketing pace. Imagine your marketers displaying your catalog on your mobile phone or tablet instead of using brochures and print catalogs as well as spending a lot of energy to convince customers. This mobile will be the catalog that speaks, shows and convinces instead!

Do not forget that there are now more than 600,000 different apps from around the world; apps that some of them have been able to transform the business of a company, office, and enterprise, and some because of the unreasonable design And the weakness in running on the other software is lost. Just like the same paperwork! So, before designing your app, advise you on the best way to go

Applicable to exhibitions to present participants, booths, exhibit guide maps and more.
Applicable to conferences and seminars for informing programs, text of articles and information of speakers, etc.
Put all kinds of websites offline on mobile phones
A very suitable replacement for posters, brochures and business cards
Introduction of Organizational Structure, Products and Services of Companies and Producers
Introduction of Organizational Chart and all relevant Managers and Authorities along with text and video information related to each of them.

Mobile Catalog Features
Business introduction
Introduction of services and products
Contact information (direct contact from within the app)
Graphic design matching your business
Can be installed on all versions of Android 2.3 and up
Assign an online download space for the Mobile Catalog and build a download barcode for it
Possibility to buy and sell products
Products Gallery
Possibility to introduce, update and change products
Place collecting customer numbers
Can be sent to other phones
More interactive communication
Availability at any time and place
Reduce paper print costs, design text and templates for pages
Transfer and send company concepts and strategies without interfaces
Reduces advertising costs by up to 50% (reducing the cost of printing and distribution, etc.)
Changes in software structure with minimal cost
Having a customer point of view as the main element in advertising (getting feedback)
Advertising in shadow (sending software from one person to another without any expense from the company)
Control the software parameters through related software
The introduction page of colleagues and dealers (including title, address, telephone, website address and e-mail)
Possibility to send a short message to the defined number
Video playback
Ability to play background music
Input splash
(Slideshows displayed when the program starts) with the ability to adjust the duration of each image
Splash outlet
(Slideshow images are displayed when leaving the program) with the ability to adjust the duration for each image
Display animated horizontal text on different pages
Display phones on different dial pages from within the app
Possibility to adjust the graphics and color for each page
Ability to use a variety of Persian fonts
Display Farsi fonts on all phones, even phones that do not have Persian language
Locating information on a map (such as displaying a bank branch on a city map or displaying parts on a product map, etc.)
Extensively distributed mobile catalogs by phone to phone at no cost


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