Web design

More than 40 percent of the population of Iran are Internet users. Can you ignore all of these audiences?
Today, the Internet, dating to about a decade of globalization, has become one of today's vital human needs and is now one of the most important tools in today's societies. Nowadays, having a website for companies, organizations , Institutions, etc., is no longer a necessity, it is a necessity. In the age of communication, the Internet and web pages, one of the most important communication tools of man in the third millennium


They will come. The breadth and speed of access to a website's information is a cost-effective way of comparing the facilities and services provided to its users, as well as the ability to update and manage it, among the most important features that make web technology one of the best communication tools. Conversion notification has been made.

We design three types of websites:

Mini site

Flash site

The features of these types of sites are notoriously beautiful and its animation effects.

We design full-featured static sites that make it even more attractive than dynamic shading. In these types of sites, all pages designed after uploading to the host to make changes are only possible by the designer. That is, even for the smallest change on a page, that page should be re-designed and uploaded.

Dynamic site

This is to change the information (pages) you do not need support for updating your site and you own the management of your brand site.
Add a large number of pages and keystrokes on the site.
CMS is your website's website optimizer for your search engines
We use special effects to enhance your site. The portal is under Linux and the free software is licensed under the GNU / GPL License.

Dynamic Site Advantages

Ability to add modules. Component. Add new plugins and add them to the site, including sending SMS, downloading files and ...
Ability to register users on the site and determine the level of access by the site management to access users to specific sections of the site
Ability to assign different people to edit and update the site at different levels, including manager-editor-manager-public-author and .....
Possibility to send email to registered users
Possibility to add multiple pages
Possibility to add links
Ability to display other websites and blogs of your size
Ability to manage download
Possibility to create a forum
Possibility to display (weather and weather conditions - hours, etc.)
Insert Special News Module
Insert the module the latest viewed content
Insert the site visitors statistics module
Ability to display random images
Insert the most visited contents of the module
Insert the search module



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