Logo design

Logo is the identity card and a company's attribute. A logo is a combination of graphic forms and text elements that make your brand image.

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Web design

More than 40 percent of the population of Iran are Internet users. Can you ignore all of these audiences?
Today, the Internet, dating to about a decade of globalization, has become one of today's vital human needs and is now one of the most important tools in today's societies. Nowadays, having a website for companies, organizations , Institutions, etc., is no longer a necessity, it is a necessity. In the age of communication, the Internet and web pages, one of the most important communication tools of man in the third millennium

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Producing teaser and clip + film mixing and film assembling

The initiative in advertising teasers needs promotional vision.
With the backing of the experience of advertising teaser experts on the same level as the broadcast advertising teaser
We produce for your brand.

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طراحی سی دی کاتالوگ

CD Catalog-Multimedia Software

Over the past few years, American and European companies and factories have taken all these services into account with all the details, along with a complete archive of the films and photographs attached to their respective descriptions as a multimedia CD. Instead of heavy printing of catalogs or television advertising, they offer their only

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Printing (Digital Label CD & Wright - Book Catalog - Business Card Laminate, Glass, PVC)

Printing (Digital Label CD & Wright - Book Catalog - Business Card Laminate, Glass, PVC)


Digital Label Printing and Duplicating CDs with Packaging

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E-learning -creating virtual education content

E-learning (creating virtual education content)

The production of electronic content derived from the word "E-Content" means providing content on the Internet

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Graphic design (catalog, logo, poster, office set)

In designing a poster and designing a catalog, the most important thing is to plan it
Invokes audience feedback when viewed from several catalogs

Considering printing standards in the output format of the design for high-quality printing, including color codes, are the most important design points.

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Edit and refine the audio

Edit and refine the audio

     Remove unwanted parts
     Combine multiple audio files

     Convert my menu to stereo

     Audio separation from the movie
     Audio editing, echo
     noise elimination
     Apply new audio effects to recorded sound
     Multi-voice combination
     Voice enhancement
     Convert different audio formats to each other


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