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Accounting software


Entering the application software industry is our next step in expanding our field of activity

Just as international strategies responded to the question of why the German nation after the two world wars that fought in the two world wars with the world powers and the Allies in the two wars dumped all the zero points of the country, but now it is part Seven industrialized nations and the world are in the position to respond that the order of the German people has given such a great power to this country.




Creating a financial order using accounting software is not at stake.
Initially, we will develop personal accounting software, and in the later stages we will expand it at the corporate and manufacturing levels.

The production of specific software applications, including construction accounting software (building cost management) and integrated management, is one of our next goals.

Diplomacy personal accounting software

Personal accounting software is a safe way to manage your expenses.


_ Use of personal accounting software diplomat


One of the most important uses of this software is staff-specific. There are problems with the procurement of donated items from the site. The software has solved this problem. The use of bundles with details of invoices and Also, the registration of checks and the publication of reports enabled accurate comments on financial performance.

The application of personal accounting software records the amount of money entered and exited from your wealth and through these two cases you can complete management on your expenses. This software is especially useful for those who have several jobs. User Can have accurate reports on the income and expense of each of their jobs.

The system also includes checks, debts / installments, installments. The features listed are for the convenience of users and the power of the system. You should always know what your income was spent on, so that you can process this information to all Achieve your economic goals. To achieve this goal, Ambassador Engineering has provided personal accounting software.


You can:

_ Earnings and expenses

In income / expense system


_ Record income and cash costs

_ Definition of your group and infinite subgroups

_ Income Chart and Monthly Fee for the Fiscal Year

_ Chart of Income and Expense of Total Financial Years

_ Define the opponent's profile (photo registration, signature sample register, bank details and contact)

And there is the possibility of grouping.

- Monthly and annual income and expenditure charts, as well as historical limits


_ Found and check payment

In the checking system, you can manage the exported and received checks


_ Registering received and paid checks

_ Define a check and log book category from the series

_ Definition of your group and infinite subgroups

_ Check the status of the check (collect, return, assign, void ...)

_ Insert image check

_ Fees and payments for the fiscal year

_ Chart of checks and payments for the entire financial year

There is .


_ Property (fixed assets)

An appropriate system for storing property and property information

1. Maintenance of information: Maintenance of asset information and the preparation of a complete file of existing property, including information about name, code, serial, location, etc.

2. Information classification: Classification of available assets

_ Group (movable, immovable, visible, intangible,) and subgroups, as well as the ability to add a group and an infinity to a new user group

_ Property Status (Healthy, Damaged, Delivered, Sold, Missed)

Deployment location

_ Type of transfer (permanent, temporary, other)

_ Type of exchange (buy and sell leases, lending, other)

_ Date of assignment, assignment number

_ Property Image

Have a careful management of your property. Along with creating reports and printing




System for meeting management

1-Record sessions with the date of the meeting, meeting place, meeting place and ...

2. Classification of information:

_ Groups and subgroups as well as the ability to add groups and infinity to subgroups

_ Session status (composed, pending, delayed, absent, dissolved)

Place the meeting

_ Description of the meeting

_ Type of exchange (buy and sell leases, lending, other)

_ The date of the meeting, the date of the invitation

_ Meeting Minute Picture

Have a thorough management of the sessions. Along with creating reports and printing

_customer relation management

In the Call Management System, this section can be called a Short Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.


_ Register and audience classification

_ Register call history and responder

_ Record the number of incoming and outgoing calls

_ Register topic of call and talk

_ Record the type of communication and the effect of the relationship

_ Record result and negotiation progress

_ Record audience profile (photo, location map, description and ...)

Charts of inputs and outputs are monthly and annual, as well as in historical boundaries

Advanced Phone


_ Ability to group the audience into two groups of groups and subgroups

_ Tibet Contact details (phone, mobile, email, site, address, description, etc.)

_ Register audience profile (photo, location map image ...)

_ Ability to register account details on the account side automatically in the phone book

_ Note

The user can have a list of important notes with details.

_ Ability to group with infinite subgroups of notes

Regular reporting - complete and accurate

In the accounting system, it is possible to record the cost, income, debt, payroll, property registration, notes, and many other features. By entering this information in your system, your input information is in the form of a chart and


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