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apartment management accounting software

Simple apartment management accounting software

Types of apartments, with many tangible and intangible activities and processes such as unit registration, charging calculation, communication between the owner and the tenant, information, unit property control, the possibility of introducing several funds for finding and paying It is very time consuming and difficult to deal with all of these issues, despite the calculations, the variety of contacts, and so on.

This software is provided for managing the processes in the apartments.

Introducing people at three levels: simple, medium, and professional
Define geographic locations
Receipt and payment operations
Ability to define unit / apartment up to 20 units
Allocation of account side to units
Registration of documents for each unit

Register bills
Record all financial transactions between units
Calculate and declare charge
Report by individuals
Property Report

Cost and revenue report by Separate

Report based on charge
Registration of goods and services
Profit and loss report of the building

Possibility to insert cost per cost group
Separation of landlord and tenant
Possibility to enter phone book
Define shortcut keys
Ability to define key shortcuts for key reports associated with each form

Mid-Man Apartment Management
Simple features in addition to:

Possibility to define several funds (and use of receipt and payment)
Registration of property and furnishings
Graphing and comparative reports
Holding Individual Individual Payments

Set special events in the hours and days of the year and automatic reminders by the software
Few companies
Advanced reports
Listing forms features


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