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about us(safir persia) What you want to know about us: Ambassador Forge has been established for many years in the field of information technology. Collaboration with government and private organizations and corporations, including Voices and Universities The country's single digit rankings confirm our commitment. Extending technology and providing after-sales service to our customers complements our activities. The above activities are our top priorities for customer satisfaction and market expansion. The most important factor in our success is the integrity and integrity of the service, which creates The strong trust between us and our customers has become obsolete. The most important result of the activities of this group is summarized in: To increase the profitability of companies and Business centers, more people, companies and services, help to achieve more comprehensive access to Broader markets, offering more practical solutions and helping to keep pace with the global high-speed world In the resume section, you can get information from some of our recipients. Our goal is to provide quality and attractive services at a reasonable cost and in interaction with the employer. We try to adapt our employer to the extent possible. Therefore, we always ask our customers if they are after the price announcement by us It's announced that there is a lot of difference with the amount they want, be sure to notify us. We are always looking to create a sweet experience for our customers.

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hamid poorezaCo Founder
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Ali pooyaCo Founder
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